Homecoming Weekend

This weekend was Homecoming weekend at OU, which was a lot of fun. Fall is beautiful here which made a great backdrop to all of the festivities. I spent Saturday shooting the parade, football game, and took a second attempt at hockey.

A member of OU’s “Little Monsters” club, walks down Court Street during the Homecoming Parade.

Students, faculty, and members of the community gathered outside of the Baker Center to view the parade.

Members of the Marching 110 prepare for their performance preceding the Homecoming football game. Each member is holding a flag with the name of a school in the MAC conference.




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Athens County High Schools

I knew going to school in Ohio would be very different from living in Arlington. I’m definitely starting to miss things like Tysons Mall, Robeks, and having several Apple stores around to fix my various computer problems. But the most interesting differences to me are apparent in the high schools in Athens. Coming from a school where I can’t even remember who the Homecoming King and Queen were its very interesting for me to see how the high schools work here. For example, the first image is of the Athens High School football team running on to the field, apparently these huge banners are normal in Ohio, but I feel rather deprived not having one at Yorktown! The second is of the reigning Homecoming Queen, who returned to her high school to name the new Homecoming Queen. And the third is of a cheerleader reacting to the news she is the new Homecoming Queen at Athens High School.

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My First Post

I have been very busy since starting at OU. I’m currently a stringer for “The Post” the school paper, as well as working on assignments within my photojournalism major. I have been covering a lot of sports, hockey, football, soccer, and field hockey so far. Here are a few of my shots from my first few weeks!